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I’m a wildly ambitious, highly optimistic, talented freelance artist who loves to create attractive print and web design.  I’m inspired by the uniqueness of individual projects and have a genuine talent for capturing their essence.

Creative Eye for the written word 




Judy Wood

For 10 years I had the pleasure of being an offsite Compositor, Archivist and Secretary for  the late Dr. David Balsiger, former vice president of Grizzly Adams Productions and President of Balsiger Media Enterprises.  During my time with Dr. Balsiger I was the webmaster and handled diverse projects such as:

Licensing and distribution agreements,

Corporate documents

TV show investor packages

Media trade show handouts

Press kits and news releases

Show Catalogs

About Typography
Judy’s love for typography, the art of the written word, came upon her over 35 years ago when typesetting had just advanced to computerized designated typesetting equipment with each manufacturer developing their own software programs. During this new age of computers, typographers had to manually insert all commands for formatting including beginning and end commands such as <b> bold</b>. Kerning letters were done manually with their designated commands. Typography was extremely command heavy. As an artistic, precise and accurate typographer it has always been a work of love for her.

Judy’s previous typesetting experience began at The East Hampton Star, a weekly newspaper in East Hampton, NY. She continued in the field of typesetting and worked at a few typesetting firms where she composed novels, school books, magazines, brochures and various advertising. Deciding to move to Southern California she landed a position in Teleflora’s advertising department and later was hired at RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, CA, where she held secret security clearance and composed complex research documents consisting of hundreds of pages.

She also holds several years’ experience as the secretary for two associate corporate research managers at RAND as well as the executive secretary for a property management company Western America Properties which owned and operated several apartment buildings. She worked with acquisitions, HUD, Workmen’s Compensation, Section 8, databases, bookkeeping, and human resources.

Judy moved to Drake, Colorado in 2006 and lives with her husband Errett, their 14-month-old Viszla and 16-year-old Abby. She enjoys maintaining their 55-year-old cottage, training their dog Skye, swimming, hiking, bicycling, gardening, building decorative bird houses, sewing and decorating.

My mission is to help you start
a business so you can change the world.

Hi, my name is Tyler Moore, and I am so grateful to help so many people succeed with over 20 million views and 200,000 subscribers.  All I can say is “Thank You”.

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